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There are as many a reason to dine with Plant Based Cuisine as there are people.  Some consider it for health reasons, others due to allergies, yet others so as to not eat or harm animals.  No matter what your reason(s), we are pleased that you have decided to explore our Plant Based Cuisine. We just think the BEST reason is because it is DELICIOUS!

You hear many people say that to be vegetarian or vegan will help improve your life, health and wellness.  From friends to doctors, holistic practitioners and nutritionists, but NONE tell you just how to DO IT!  We DO!

Plant Based Cuisine encompasses more than just avoiding meat, fish, dairy and eggs.  While difficult for many it is pretty darn easy to do these days.  You can learn how to prepare almost ALL of those delicious meals you have enjoyed all your life but in a nutritious, Plant Based way.  Yes, even CHEESE!

Let Chef Nancy prepare you meals, cater your event or show you how to prepare delicious Plant Based Cuisine! When you enjoy Chef Nancy's meals you may want to learn to cook for yourself and family/friends.  Chef Nancy has classes, in her home or yours, tailored to what you want to learn.

There have been so many advance in food preparation techniques and ingredients not available just a few years ago.  Now, with new kitchen chemistry and food preparation techniques, we can derive unique combinations of spices, ingredients and textures. Those long loved dishes you and your family have eaten for generations can be converted into delicious Plant Based Cuisine.  Let Chef Nancy prepare your favorite family meal the Plant Based Way!  

As with any other dietary change (if this is a major change for you) let us know of any allergies or food sensitivities and/or health conditions you may have.  We do not offer nutritional advice or medical counseling but help you migrate/evolve/develop your Plant Based Cuisine approach, by learning how to prepare delicious meals with plant based whole foods.

Once you have tried Chef Nancy's Plant Based Cuisine, you may want to learn how to prepare healthy meals yourself. Chef Nancy offers a variety of classes.  Below are a few of your instructional opportunities.  More are to be found on the Whole Foods 4 Health Living web site.

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